High end graphics on mobile phones and addictive   gameplay. The highest quality is our foundation,   friendship is our walls, result-orientation is our roof,   windows are our respectful culture. Welcome to the   house of Press Fire Games. 


Press Fire Games is a game dev studio with extensive experience in developing games and engines. We not only create multiplayer games in the genre of shooters, but also develop our own technologies, or to be more precise, we develop a game on our own engine. The best picture on mobile phones and great gameplay is what we stick to and focus on.


Within the last two years, we were able to make our own cross-platform game engine and mobile shooter Battle Prime, which has millions of installations, and the rating in the AppStore and GooglePlay is above 4.5.


About the team:

Press Fire Games today is a team of more than 60 professionals who are ready to share knowledge and experience, focused on cool quality and motivated to achieve goals.

We value simplicity in communication, initiative, openness and responsiveness, so we always have the opportunity to offer and implement our ideas.


Press Fire Games is a distributed team, experts from Cyprus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are already working with us.

We focus on a remote format of work with the ability to be anywhere in the world, and a flexible schedule allows us to effectively plan time and tasks.

Do you still have any questions? Even if you don’t see a suitable vacancy here: as long as you are an enthusiastic professional who is passionate about making 3D games, just drop us an email.

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